Strategic consulting for new business in Brazil

Ex Tariff

Temporary reduction for up to 2 years of import tax for BK (Capital Goods) and BIT (Computer and Telecommunication Goods) without similar made in Brazil. We can take care of the start process until the official publication of the benefit.


TEC - Import tax reductions and changes definitively on the TEC valid in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay

LETEC - temporary tax reductions in Brazil while TEC analysis last

Import of used industrial plants, PPB and Special Project Management

Import of used industrial plants with DECEX licenses and ABIMAQ counterpart agreement.

Procurement for machines and equipment.


Special Projects and Maquila Paraguay.

Management of Especial Projects.

Operation of imports and exports in Brazil

Operations Developments

Spreadsheets and Estimates

Supplier Development

Import through partner companies


Commercial Development

Product Distribution and Logistics


Synertech Energia na Ponta

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